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The books in the “Toby’s Tales” series, and where you can find them.


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The “Toby’s Tales” books are designed to show children - and adults too - the struggles and challenges faced by people who are blind, or who are adjusting to sight loss, while also being useful tools to educate those close to someone who is blind or adjusting to sight loss.

Books in the series:


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Toby’s New World

Toby’s Tales, Book 1

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"Toby has just learned he’ll never see again. Now he’s learning just how frustrating it can be doing even simple things when you’re blind. And it doesn’t help when his big brother Jake, and little sister Emma laugh at him when things don’t go right. But there’s always a way to make things easier… Isn’t there?"

Published: 6th September 2012

Electronic Edition ISBN: 9781476234342

Print Edition ISBN-13: 9781512358902

Print Edition ISBN-10: 1512358908


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Toby’s Monsters

Toby’s Tales, Book 2

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"Toby’s world is scary and full of monsters his mind has created. If he wasn’t blind he could see what the monsters really are, but he is, so he can’t. Can he find a way to battle his monsters? Or will he spend the rest of his life afraid of every unexplained noise?"

Published: 21st October 2012

Electronic Edition ISBN: 9781301157921

Print Edition ISBN-13: 9781512358971

Print Edition ISBN-10: 1512358975


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Toby’s Outing

Toby’s Tales, Book 3

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"Everyone is excited about the trip to the aquarium. But not Toby. Toby’s sure he won’t have fun, after all, aquariums can’t be fun for blind people… Can they?"

Published: 4th November 2012

Electronic Edition ISBN: 9781301643264

Print Edition ISBN-13: 9781512359046

Print Edition ISBN-10: 1512359041


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Toby’s Games

Toby’s Tales, Book 4

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"Now that he can’t see, Toby can’t play with his big brother Jake like he used to, and every time he tries to he just gets frustrated, upset or hurt. He’s starting to feel like he can’t do anything fun any more. Is he right? Or can he find a way to still do the things he enjoys?"

Published: 5th January 2013

Electronic Edition ISBN: 9781301441082

Print Edition ISBN-13: 9781512359268

Print Edition ISBN-10: 1512359262


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Toby’s Special School

Toby’s Tales, Book 5

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"Toby’s starting to feel like he’s the only blind boy in the world, so when his first day at his new special school comes around, he’s sure the other children will tease him because he can’t see. But when he gets there he soon learns just why they call it a “special” school, and even manages to make a new friend."

Published: 2nd February 2013

Electronic Edition ISBN: 9781301489220

Print Edition ISBN-13: 9781512359336

Print Edition ISBN-10: 1512359335


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A short character profile for Toby was posted on on 19th October 2014. Go to to take a look at it.


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There was a blog tour to celebrate the release of the audio versions of the books in the Toby's Tales series, which are narrated by Joseph A. Batzel. If you want to check out the interviews, guest posts, and other promotional posts that went live as part of that blog tour, go to where you will find a round-up of the blog tour posts.


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