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Rabbits that are – or have been – part of our family.


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Bubbles was a grey and white rabbit that was given to Victoria when she was 5 years old. Bubbles was very sick though, and despite the combined efforts of the vet, Victoria’s Mam and - as best as was possible for a 5 year old – Victoria herself, Bubbles didn't last very long. We have no photos of Bubbles, sorry. It was his - or her - colouring that prompted Victoria to name him - or her - Bubbles.


R.I.P. Bubbles: 1990 - 1990


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Samhain Magik


This rabbit's name is Samhain, named for the fact it was a week to the day before Halloween/Samhain (Samhain being the old Celtic name for Halloween) that Victoria got him, and "Samhain Magik" seemed an appropriate name for him. He was a Lop Mix rabbit who belonged to Victoria when she was still living at home. He lived in a hutch in the garden, but spent a lot of time indoors. Unfortunately, he only lived a few months... He didn't make it out of the anaesthetic when she sent him in to get neutered.


R. I. P. Samhain: September 2001 - May 2002


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Little Shiloh


This cute little rabbit is a Mini Lop named Shiloh. Shiloh is a Hebrew name that means "gift" but he was a gift from Victoria to herself rather than from someone else, and was actually named because she liked the name. He was her first proper 'house rabbit' and lived with Victoria in the apartment/flat she had when she first moved out on her own. Shiloh was re homed when Victoria went to Canada to be with Kelly - since she obviously couldn't take him with her.


Born: October 2002

Rehomed: January 2003


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Stew Pot AKA Stewie


This is Stew Pot. More commonly known as Stewie. She's a Dwarf-Mix rabbit. Stewie actually belonged to Victoria’s Mam, but she lived with us. When we first got her, we thought that she was a boy (hence the name “Stewie” being used after Victoria’s Dad named her “Stew Pot”). We found out when Stewie was a little over a year old though that 'he' was actually a 'she'. Oops! Anyway, she was a 'house rabbit' and when we moved we didn't have the space for her, so, shortly before her third birthday, we re homed her.


Born: April 2003

Rehomed: March 2006


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