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The books in the “Magical Chapters” trilogy, and where to find them.


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Books in the series:

1. Witchlet

2. The Pineapple Loving Dragon

3. A Magical Storm


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Magical Chapters Trilogy, Book 1

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"In a world where everyone thinks witches are warty old women, a powerful and short tempered 9 year old is trying to find her place in the world, and make amends for something that happened when she was only 3. Her name is Paige, and she can bend the elements to her rather strong will. But can she convince people to accept her for who she is?"

Published: 1st June 2012

Electronic Edition ISBN: 9781476155142

Print Edition ISBN-13: 9781512358537

Print Edition ISBN-10: 1512358533


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The Pineapple Loving Dragon

Magical Chapters Trilogy, Book 2

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"Everyone knows the mountains are full of dragons, and everyone also knows those dragons are dangerous monsters who eat people. So when the people from the town notice that one of them has a young boy with it they set out to rescue him. But Daisy isn’t like other dragons; she’s sweet and kind, and just happens to be a vegetarian. Unfortunately, the only people who know this are a 9 year old witch named Paige, and a 10 year old orphan named Luke. Can Paige and Luke convince everyone else that Daisy isn’t dangerous?"

Published: 1st December 2012

Electronic Edition ISBN: 9781301836420

Print Edition ISBN-13: 9781512358629

Print Edition ISBN-10: 1512358622

Daisy the dragon was interviewed by Alexandra Butcher on 10th April 2014. Go to if you want to read the interview.


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A Magical Storm

Magical Chapters Trilogy, Book 3

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"There’s something about birthdays that make you think about the past, and now that she’s celebrating her 10 th birthday, that’s just what Paige is doing. But nothing could bring those memories so clearly to the surface better than an uninvited party guest from her past who wont even meet her gaze. Now Paige’s anger and frustration are threatening to over-power the control she has over her magic; can she learn to control her temper before it’s too late?"

Published: 7th April 2013

Electronic Edition ISBN: 9781301333738

Print Edition ISBN-13: 9781512358681

Print Edition ISBN-10: 1512358681


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