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Hamsters that are – or have been – part of our family.


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Teddy was a teddybear hamster Kelly had when he was a kid. He was a seriously demented hamster who used to love to eat ice cream so much that if you opened the freezer he would poke his nose out of his bed right away and come looking for ice cream, no matter how sound asleep he was before.


R.I.P. Teddy: 1982 - 1984


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Sampson Jamie AKA Sammy

Sammy was a hamster Victoria owned as a child. We don't know what his breed was, nor the proper name for his colouring, but we’re positive he was a Syrian, and his markings were very similar to Hamlet's; just a darker brown (scroll down to read about Hamlet). He was a sort of gingery brown colour where Hamlet has his cinnamon coloured markings. Sammy was a sweet little hamster, very similar in nature to Hamlet, but he was a great escape artist, so it wasn't unusual to find him dodging the cat's paw when you got up in the morning. Once, for example, we had to get him out from behind the washing machine, where the cat had chased him. I don't have a photo of Sammy though, sorry. He did what a lot of hamsters do in the Winter in captivity... He went in to hibernation and didn't wake up. In the wild hamsters hibernate and usually survive, but in captivity they can't because they don't have enough fat reserves to make it more than a couple of days.


R.I.P. Sammy: 1994 - 1995


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Jessica Marie AKA Jessie

After Sammy died Victoria got Jessie. Jessie was one of those hamsters who were not suitable for young children. She bit, she scratched, and she was difficult to keep in your hands. By the time we got her home, she was running loose around the car, so it's surprising she even made it home safely. She was another escape artist hamster, who was once discovered in Victoria’s parents' bedroom by the dog. We’re not sure of her breed, but once again we’re pretty sure she was a Syrian. We’re also not sure of her colouring name, but she was grey, with a white stripe running up her stomach, and white bits of fur by her paws, and around her eyes. She looked like she was wearing a suit with a zip up the front, and a pair of glasses. It was kinda cute. Shame I have no photo to show you. She did what a lot of hamsters in captivity do... Went in to hibernation and never woke up.


R.I.P. Jessie: 1995 - 1996


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Hugo De Hamsta

Sorry, we have no photo of Hugo. Anyway, Hugo was Victoria’s Mam's hamster, but she couldn't handle him, so we got him. He was usually a good natured little guy. We don't remember what type of hamster he was, but once again we’re pretty sure he was a Syrian. He was grey. And he was named after Hugo in the "Pongwiffy" books by Kaye Umansky. He got out of his cage one night though, and was never seen again.


Born: Some time near the start of 2002

Disappeared: Later in 2002


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Hamlet De Hammie


This little guy is a semi-albino, Cinnamon banded, short-haired Syrian hamster called Hamlet De Hammie. Hamlet is a Danish name that means "small village" but Hamlet was named after a joke about having a "Hammie the hammie" when we were getting him. Hamlet was the best hamster you could ask for, because he was as sweet and gentle as can be. Even a child could hold him without him making any attempt at biting them. He lived to be more than 2 and a half, which is good for a hamster.


R. I. P. Hamlet: 26th May 2004 - 13th January 2007


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Butterscotch Pudding AKA Butters


This little cutie is called Butterscotch Pudding. She was named for the fact she looks like someone coated her in butterscotch pudding. She was a cinnamon, short-haired, Syrian hamster. Butters was extremely nervous and bit a lot when we first got her, but with a little coaxing, she calmed down, and became a sweet little girl who enjoyed being held. She had Hamlet in a cage beside her cage the whole time we had her, so we can't help but think - with how soon after Hamlet died she died - that she died of a broken heart. It might have just been a coincidence... She was more than 2 years old, which is a good age for a hamster... But she didn't seem quite herself after he died, so it seems to fit.


R. I. P. Butters: 18th October 2004 - 10th February 2007


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Mr. Sirius Black


This little guy is a sable banded, short-haired, Syrian hamster. His name is Mr. Sirius Black. Yes, he was named after Harry Potter's Godfather in the Harry Potter books. Sirius was an affectionate hamster who loved getting attention. But, the one thing he loved most of all was his food. Sirius seemed to think there was no such thing as having too much food. He did well for a hamster... We got him as a tiny little baby hamster, and he lived right up until just before his 3rd birthday, which is impressive for a hamster.


R.I.P. Sirius: 18th March 2005 - 16th March 2008


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