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Dogs that are – or have been – part of our family.


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Bella Shadow-Thorn


This little beauty is Bella Shadow-Thorn. Bella was almost three years old when she joined our family, and only stayed with us for a couple of months. We had hoped to keep her for longer, but things didn't work out as we'd hoped. So, unfortunately, Bella had to be re homed. Bella is an Italian name that means "beautiful" and she was, but she was named after Bella from the children's cartoon "The Tweenies" by the people who had her before we did. Bella is also the Mother of both Jayde and Lucy (scroll down to read about Jayde and Lucy).


Born: 11th April 2004

Re homed: April 2007


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Castellan Keroberous AKA Kero


This handsome little man is our West Highland White Terrier (Westie). His full title is Castellan Keroberous, but we just call him Kero. The Castellan part is his kennel's prefix, and Keroberous is the name we gave him, which is a Japanese name that means "loyal protector." He's a real sweetie who loves to be included in all situations, and hates to be alone. Oh, and he's very spoiled too! He became part of our family when he was just nine weeks old. That was back in 2004. Kero knows all of the usual commands in both Welsh and English - though he refuses to "lay" on command for some reason - and recognizes many other English words as well. He loves cheese, chicken (and just about any other kind of meat), the odd bit of raw carrot, walkies and having his ears and tummy rubbed.


R.I.P. Kero: 23rd May 2003 - 11th August 2014


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Jayde Bramblerose


This is Jayde Bramblerose. she is now Victoria’s Grandma's dog, but we wanted to add her, since she was one of Bella's daughters, did spend some time as part of our family, and is Lucy's sister (see below for information on Lucy). Jayde was given to Victoria as a 21st birthday present. Her name is a form of Jade, but we wanted to fiddle with the spelling a bit. She was a sweet little dog, though very opinionated and strong willed. Still, we missed her when she went to Grandma. We had no choice but to let her go though... We'd been put in a position where we had more dogs than we were allowed to have, and we either rehomed the girls - as in Jayde and Lucy - of our own free will, or we would be forced to also give up our other animals.


Born: 3rd September 2005

Rehomed: January 2006


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Lucy Blackthorn


This is Lucy. Lucy means "light" in Latin. She's a Yorkshire Terrier. Before you ask, yes, she is a pure Yorkie, she's just what they call a "throwback." That simply means that she has a few features that make her look a bit different from how a Yorkie normally looks. That's how we got her, actually. She's Bella's daughter, and Jayde’s sister. Our next door neighbor had Lucy, but for some reason didn't want her any more after people started to question her pedigree. So, we took Lucy in. Unfortunately, we were unable to keep her, and Lucy was re homed. She went to live with a friend of a friend.


Born: 3rd September 2005

Re homed: January 2006


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Lilie is a female West Highland White Terrier. Her name is an alternative spelling of the English name “Lily” – as in the lily flower – and is often said to mean “pure” since the flower is a symbol of purity and innocence. Lilie is a friendly and energetic little dog, who loves to be the center of attention, and enjoys playing with absolutely anything she can get her paws on, but is especially fond of tennis balls, as well as the kinds of dog toys that are cuddly animals with squeakers in them. Her other favourite thing is food; she’ll eat just about anything – whether you want her to or not - but is especially fond of chicken.


Born: 26th March 2017.


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Castellan Logan



This cuddly little teddy bear is our apricot and white Cavapoo, Castellan Logan, more commonly just referred to as Logan, though also often known as Logi-Bear or Little Bear. The name Logan means “from the little hollow” or “small hollow” and is a Scottish name, but was used simply because it’s a name we liked. The Castellan part of his title is his kennel’s prefix, like it was for Kero, since Kero and Logan came from the same breeder. A Cavapoo is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel x Toy Poodle, in case you aren’t familiar with the name for that breed combination. Logan is a friendly dog who loves attention and food. Though he’ll happily chase balls, go for walks, or play games of tuggy with whatever toy you have available, he’s happiest when he’s either eating – regardless of what foods on offer - or being petted and cuddled. His favourite thing to do being cuddling up beside me with a rawhide chewie or a full treat ball to enjoy. It’s difficult to list his favourite foods, since he’s eager to share in whatever food happens to be on offer, from chicken to toast, and anything in between. But his favourite toys are tuggy toys. At least, his favourites after his treat ball are, since anything involving food wins hands down in Logan’s opinion.


Born: 14 th April 2019


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