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Third Time Lucky AKA Lucky

Victoria was given a cat when she was a baby. Her name was "Third Time Lucky" but everyone just called her “Lucky” as a rule. She was pure black; just like Sakura (scroll down to read about Sakura). Victoria had her until she died when she was about 7 years old (she was hit by a tractor). She had several litters of kittens, a couple of the kittens the family kept, and others were given away. Sorry, I don't have access to any photos of Lucky.


R.I.P. Lucky: November 1984 - Some time in 1991


* * * * *


Samantha AKA “Katie the Kitten”

The name Samantha is an Aramaic name, and it means "listener" apparently. We have no idea why Victoria chose the name though... She must have just liked it or something. Samantha was one of Lucky's kittens. Victoria’s Mam let her keep the kitten, but she didn't keep her for long... Her Grandma asked if she could have her - because she'd fallen in love with her - and Victoria said she could, so she took her. Grandma later renamed her, so she became "Katie the Kitten" instead. She was a tabby cat, but that's really all we remember about her. No useable photo sorry.


Born: Some time in 1990

Rehomed: Later in 1990


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Treacle Topping Sparkles Moglyn AKA Topsi


This pretty little cat is called “Treacle Topping Sparkles Moglyn” though she’s more commonly referred to as “Topsi”... Many people don’t even know her full title to this day. Topsi was a tiny little 12 week old kitten when Victoria got her, and was a part of the family for two wonderful years, before leaving this world. Her name was originally only meant to be Topsi, but she ended up with her title after it was mentioned that it looked like someone had spilled treacle topping all over her, because of her sparkling eyes, and because Victoria’s Mam had this thing about calling her “Moglyn” (a slang term for a mixed breed cat, for anyone who doesn't know). We don't recall her name ever being used as more than just "Topsi" though. She was completely a house cat at first, but then people started letting her out, and since she was coming back OK we let her be an outside and inside cat (like all our other cats have been). She was hit by a car when she decided to go wandering too close to the main road we lived near at the time.


R.I.P. Topsi: 3rd May 1999 - 1st June 2001


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Shadow was a very fluffy little cat who looked a little like Megan (scroll down to read about Megan). We had her for a while when we lived with Kelly’s Mom in Canada around the time we got married. She used to love to steal toilet paper and would run off with it if you left the bathroom door open long enough for her to get in there and grab it. She was a house cat only and got out one day and never came home.


Born: 1999

Disappeared: 2003


* * * * *


Tinkerbell AKA Tinkers


Tinkers was another cat we had when we lived in Canada with Kelly’s Mom around the time we got married. She had a black stripe down the back of her head when we got her, but by the time she was full grown that was gone and she was all white. She would only drink from her special yellow cup, never from a bowl, and used to love playing with straws and her special catnip cow. We had to leave her with Kelly’s Mom when we decided to settle in the UK. Unfortunately she later ended up rehoming Tinkers.


Born: 1999

Rehomed: 2004


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Sakura Avalon


This is Sakura. Sakura is a Japanese name that means "Cherry Blossom" and Avalon is a Latin name that means "Island" but Sakura was actually named after the young girl in the CardCaptors cartoon that we got our Westie, Kero's name from, since she was named to go with him (see the “dogs” page to read about Kero). She was an Oriental Long Hair crossed with a British Short Haired cat. We had her since she was about four or five weeks old. Normally kittens are older when they leave their parents, but Sakura's mother had died so we had her at a younger age than we normally would have. She was an unusual cat, who seemed to be confused about whether she was a cat, a dog, or a human. She was very intelligent, and can open most doors, cupboards, and drawers. She could also 'beg' and 'come' on command. Although, she would only do those things if she was in the mood to co-operate. Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control, we were unable to keep her and had to rehome her when she was about 3 & 1/2 years old.


Born: 29th August 2004

Rehomed: April 2008


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Ayla Malaika


This nervous little kitten is called Ayla, which is a Hebrew name that means "Oak Tree." She was named after the heroine in Jean M. Auel's Earth's Children book series. Ayla was about three months old when we got her, but by the time she was six months old, we'd had to find her a new home. Her nervousness wasn't an issue, but she became aggressive whenever a dog was too close to her, which was a big problem in a home with 2 dogs. We tried to get things to calm down, but we weren't having any luck. So, we decided it would be best for everyone involved - animals and humans alike - if she was re homed. The Malaika part of her name was added after we rehomed her, because it is an African name that means "angel" and to us she was an angel who was in our lives for a brief time.


Born: May 2005

Rehomed: October 2005


* * * * *


Megan Zara Rose


This adorable little ball of fluff is called Megan. Megan is a Celtic name that means "soft and gentle" and she definitely was. We wanted to have a title for her though, so we added the Zara (Hebrew for "Princess") and Rose (Latin, and meaning "of the rose blossom") to make her title be "soft and gentle princess of the rose blossom"... Very appropriate for her, since she loved everyone, and everyone loved her. She was a Persian x Maine Coon x British Short Hair cat, who never really grew very much. When we got her she was eight weeks old and only weighed about a lb. and a half, and even once she was fully grown, she only weighed about 3 and a half lbs. Megan could 'sit' 'beg' and 'come' on command. Though, she sometimes forgot how to do the 'sit' part. She would play with pretty much anything that moved (and some things that didn’t), and enjoyed bringing home "presents" for any human she decided she liked (which most people didn't appreciate). Unfortunately we had to rehome her as keeping Sakura was no longer an option, and we wanted her and Sakura to stay together, so, she was rehomed not long before she turned 3.


Born: 1st June 2005

Rehomed: April 2008


* * * * *


Myskanco Dakoda Diero AKA Koda


This little guy is called Myskanco Dakoda Diero, otherwise known as Koda. Koda is an African name that means "Mother's pet" and Dakoda is a combination of that name and Dakota (which is a Native American name that means "Friend"). The Myskanco part is his breeder's prefix. He was a chocolate point Siamese cat, who we’re adding on this page, but who never really made it to our family. Koda had been a sickly kitten, but seemed to be getting stronger, so, we were going to have him from the breeder. Unfortunately, not long before we were due to go and get him, he was discovered collapsed on the floor. By the time they got him to the vet, it was too late. But we wanted to include him here anyway.


R. I. P. Koda: February 2006 - April 2006


* * * * *


Myskanco Chance Silva Flame AKA Chance


This handsome little fellow is an Oriental Short Hair cat. His full title is Myskanco Chance Silva Flame, and his GCCF (Governing Council of Cat Fanciers, I believe that stands for) registered name is Myskanco Silva Flame, but we call him Chance. Chance got his 'pet name' from the fact we got him by Chance. The Silva part is from his Father, who was called "Hi Ho Silva" and the Flame part is partly from his colouring, and partly from the fact his Mother had "Flame" in her name. He's from the breeder who had Koda, and was offered to us after what happened with Koda. Needless to say, we accepted him. As I mentioned with Koda, Myskanco is the breeder's prefix. Chance loved two things best in this world, one was to be cuddled, the other was to have an unlimited supply of food. He was about eight months old by the time we got him (at the start of May 2006) and not too happy about moving in to a house with a dog in it, but he soon got over that. He still hated strange dogs visiting though. Chance could 'beg' and 'come' on command... When he wanted to, that is. Unfortunately the long and happy life I'd hoped to have with him was cut short by his death when he was just a little over 2 years old.


R. I. P. Chance: 28th August 2005 - 29th December 2007


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Cara Crookeshanks


This is Cara. Cara is a female, tortoise shell (or Calico) coloured, long-haired cat of unknown breed. The name Cara means “friend” in Irish or “beloved” in Latin. We picked it for the Irish meaning, as well as for the fact we like the name. Shortly after naming Cara we added “Crookeshanks” to her name because she’s very bow-legged like the Crookeshanks in the Harry Potter books and movies, and “crooked legs” is what the name Crookeshanks actually means. She’s also known as “Scrappy Cat” (often shortened to “Scrappy” or “Scraps”) since she’s a feisty little thing. Cara is a very social and playful kitten who loves food, enjoys being petted and cuddled, and thinks the world is her playground; she’ll play with anything and everything. Her legs make her more clumsy than the average cat, and she climbs a lot better than she jumps, but she doesn’t let that stop her from fitting as much fun in to the day as possible; even the numerous times throughout the day that she ends up falling over and tumbling nose over tail don’t dampen her enthusiasm for life. There are only two things Cara doesn’t like: being alone and getting wet. Cara was only a temporary member of our family, since we weren’t in a position to keep her for good, unfortunately.


Born: 16th August 2013.

Rehomed: 9th January 2014.


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